CC-V School Based Health Center

When students aren’t feeling well, they have a harder time learning. They may miss class a lot — and when they are in class, they might have trouble paying attention. Giving kids and teens access to health care at school puts them in a better position to learn.

Students who use school-based health centers benefit in many ways. They spend more time in class because they tend to be sick less often and don’t have to take as much time off school to get to appointments. According to data from the School-Based Health Alliance, school-based health centers:

  • help students do better in school
  • increase high school graduation rates
  • decrease school discipline cases

Studies show that teens, who might resist going to a doctor, are more willing to get help for problems like depression and weight issues at a school-based health center. This might be because they see the health center’s staff at school each day, which helps build trust.

Our school-based health center also provides cares for the whole family. For More information about CC-V’s School Based Health Center please contact Laureen Murray or visit our web page at Centura.

Before your student can get a check up at the School Based Health Center they need to fill out the forms below.